My Hiatus: Blowing my World Wide Open

All-great-changes-are-preceded-by-chaos Hi everyone!

After what seems to have been quite a hiatus, I have decided to come out from underneath the radar. Since my last post in late March, a lot has been happening… some good, some bad.

Here it is in broad brushstrokes:

  • Working conditions (and tips) at the shitty, shitty restaurant started to go downhill.
  • Working conditions at said shitty, shitty restaurant (and to an extent, those high sugars) triggered an acute bout of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, resulting in pain and weakness in both hands, primarily my dominant hand.
  • I excused myself from a stagnant and unhealthy relationship.
  • I got let go from my shitty, shitty restaurant job and had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get on unemployment. Won that battle, but went completely broke in the process.
  • I started jogging again, albeit slowly.
  • I used my newly-found free time (and newly-found mental energy) to connect with scores of friends who I had not been able to see on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night in months.
  • I went WHALE WATCHING! I even saw some whale parts.
  • I slept in a yurt.
  • I committed to climbing a MOUNTAIN! Finally!
  • I cycled 45 miles over all of the bridges of Portland. It was rad.
  • In the wake of losing a shitty, shitty restaurant job and the realization that what I want to do for a living doesn’t fit within one professional position, I decided to open up my own integrated services firm. I will be commencing a crowdfunding campaign for start-up costs in the near future and I hope to have your support in this endeavor.

As you can see, a lot of the distractions in my life stemmed from my highly negative work experience at the shitty, shitty restaurant.When I was working there, I could barely get out of bed and had to pep-talk myself to walk in the door. My mantra was “PIT STOP.” The negativity that sprung from that place was utterly astounding, and it deeply and fundamentally depressed me. While going through that whole ordeal, I retreated inside of myself and put some of my fitness goals on hold. While I am sad that my body recomp is not progressing as quickly as I would prefer, I have not completely shirked training. I have instead focused on activities that boost my innate happiness, particularly activities involving the outdoors.

I’m not sorry I did this, and here’s why… 


Losing my shitty, shitty restaurant job opened up my world in ways I have never imagined. I used it as a crutch for not doing something better. I let fear overrun my potential to give back to the world and make a living at the same time. Losing that job yanked the security blanket right off of me. It put exigency back into my mind – I have to do something effective now.

And I am confident that getting my personal and professional life in order will allow me the mental space to maximize my physical potential.

Chaos has reigned supreme as of late, but big changes are on the horizon…

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