My name is Kellie, and this is my journey back into peak fitness.

Kellie Furr

D-Day, the Saddest of Days  

In the summer of 2008, I was diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes mellitus, commonly known as type-1 diabetes. My diagnosis came one week before what was supposed to be my first triathlon. I had trained for months and was physically and mentally prepared to start competing in the amateur triathlon circuit and then see where it went from there. Instead, I was told by my doctors not to compete until I could better handle my new chronic illness. This was devastating – my personal health had been firmly within my control and I wasn’t used to experiencing non-negotiable barriers to success.

Now all of the sudden, I’m dealing with a phenomenon of which I only had cursory knowledge and was completely overwhelmed: I had no idea how to manage diabetes within my rigorous fitness regimen, and so training fell by the wayside.

I began to experience all of the challenging emotions that come with T1D:  My relationship with food was fundamentally altered for the rest of my life and I was resentful toward anyone who didn’t have to deal with doing math calculations in their heads in order to eat, the worry of not waking up upon going to bed, or all of the possible health complications T1Ds risk facing.

I was so angry and felt helpless in a way that I had never felt before.  I felt like I was given a premature death sentence.  That it was all downhill from the tender age of 25. And thus started this years-long cycle of low energy and minimal motivation – and with it, weight gain, anxiety, and depression.




After three [stressful] years of law school and over two years of severe underemployment successfully crowdfunding and launching my own law firm, Metamorphosis Law, LLC – I am finally in a place to start think clearly and constructively about my health and fitness within the context of my diabetes.  I believe this is a tenable disease – my future is in my hands and I intend to doing something spectacular with it.


More About Me  

I was originally born in England, but raised in South Carolina.  In May 2012, I relocated to Portland, Oregon – easily my favorite city in the U.S.  I am 50% attorney and 50% beer wench.  I am to my inner core an environmentalist and advocate for the less fortunate.  I love all things bicycle!  I also enjoy knitting, fine art, live music, hiking, snowshoeing, exploring the mountains, craft beer, tasty coffee, cooking, beards, and alpacas.  I moved to Portland to maximize the great person I know I can be already am and have not regretted my move a single day, even when I’m getting constantly peed on by Portland’s many rain clouds.



I am not a health professional.  I am working my way through a massive body of knowledge relating to fitness, nutrition, and diabetes.  Any content posted on this blog is meant to reflect my personal journey and should not be interpreted as medical advice.  If you like what you read/see and want to try it out, I urge you to consult your physician before making any major changes to your diet or fitness program.

If I post anything discussing laws relating to diabetes, health, or fitness, I am not giving out legal advice nor am I soliciting you as a client in any way. Also, I will not give you tax advice because…. no. No no no no.

If you wish to seek out my legal services, please visit http://www.metamorphosis.io or call 503-610-3284.


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